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Chemistry is the branch of science in which we study the properties, composition and structure of materials (all, without any exception) around us.

Inorganic Chemistry

This mainly deals with the study of all the elements and their properties, preparation and applications of their compounds.

Organic Chemistry 

Although carbon ranks seventeenth in the order of abundance in the earth’s crust, it forms the largest number of compounds, next to hydrogen. Organic Chemistry deals with all aspects of carbon and its compounds.

Physical Chemistry

The theoretical and mechanical aspects of chemical reaction are dealt with the study of physical chemistry.


This branch of chemistry involves the study of chemical changes and reactions occurring within living systems involved in life processes.

Analytical Chemistry

The study of constituents and their identification in chemical substances is studied in Analytical Chemistry. These studies can either be qualitative or quantitative in nature.

The Importance of Chemistry

Chemistry is considered to be the central science due to its significant connections and overlaps with other sciences and disciplines. It helps knowing the weather conditions, physiological system of the body, operation of a rocket, and computers. It plays a vital role in meeting human requirements for food, health care products & other materials aimed for upgrading the quality of life.

Penicillin: The First Antibiotic

“As the first antibiotic, without penicillin, 75% of the people now alive would not be alive because their parents or grandparents would have succumbed to infections.” No other drug changed the world like this.

Insulin: The First Hormone Therapy

Patients with advanced diabetes cannot use the energy stored in their bodies. No matter how much they eat, they starve. This is because their body stop making the hormone known as insulin, needed to convert sugar into energy. Chemists in pharmaceutical companies fulfilled demand for this miracle drug.

Ether: The Making of Modern Surgery

Ether was the first compound to be used as an anesthetic. This agent has made it possible to depress a person’s brain functioning so that major operations could be carried out successfully.

Aspirin: More Than a Headache Pill

Aspirin was the first drug used as an analgesic (to relieve minor aches and pains), and it was called a wonder drug.

L - dopa

It is a wonder drug for people suffering from Parkinson’s disease.


Taxol is a potent anti – cancer natural product with activity against a number of leukaemias and solid tumours in the breast, ovary, brain, and lungs in humans.

All the above drugs are outcome of intense chemical research and unequivocally state the importance of chemistry.


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