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Soil Health Card Scheme-2015

Launched: 17 February 2015

Main Objective: To help farmers to improve productivity from their farms by letting them know about nutrient/fertilizer requirements for their farms.

The soil health card studies and reviews the health of soil or rather we can say a complete evaluation of the quality of soil right from its functional characteristics, to water and nutrients content and other biological properties. It will also contain corrective measures that a farmer should adopt to obtain a better yield.

About Complete Scheme

Soil Health Card Scheme is a very beneficial scheme for farmers. There are so many illiterate farmers in India. And they do not know which types of crops they should grow to get maximum yield. Basically, they do not know the quality and the type of their soil. They might know by experience what crops grow and what crops fail. But they don’t know what they can do to improve the condition of the soil.

So, the Soil Health Card Scheme is an initiative by Prime Minister for the welfare of farmers. Under the scheme, the farmers will get a soil health card. This card will contain details about what kind of soil is there in the farmers’ land. Also, it will list what crops they can grow in their land to get maximum profits. And what corrective measures the farmers can take to improve the yield.


Key Features of the Soil Health Card Scheme

1. The government is planning to cover as many as 14 crore farmers under the scheme.

2. The scheme will cover all the parts of the country.

3. In the form of soil card, the farmers will get a report. And this report will contain all the details about the soil of their particular farm.

4. A farm will get the soil card once in every 3 years.

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Benefits of the Soil Health Card Scheme

1. The scheme will monitor the soil of the farmers well and will give them a formatted report. So, they can decide well which crops they should cultivate and which ones they should skip.

2. The authorities will monitor the soil on a regular basis. One in every 3 years, they will provide a report to farmers. So, farmers need not worry if the nature of the soil changes due to certain factors. Also, they will always have updated data about their soil.

3. The work of the government does not stop at listing down measures required to improve the quality of the soil. In fact, they will also employ experts to help farmers in carrying out the corrective measures.

4. Farmers will get a proper soil health record, thanks to the Soil Health Card Scheme. Also, they can study the soil management practices. Accordingly, they can plan the future of their crops and land.

5. Generally, in government schemes, the person carrying out the study for a particular farmer gets changed. But in the Soil Health Card Scheme, the government is paying attention that the same person carries out soil analysis for a farmer. This will further enhance the effectiveness of the scheme.

6. The soil card will give the farmers a proper idea of which nutrients their soil is lacking. And hence, which crops they should invest in. they will also tell which fertilizers they need. So, ultimately, the crop yield will see a rise.

7. The main aim behind the scheme was to find out the type of particular soil. And then provide ways in which we can improve it. Even if a soil has some limitations, we can do something to get the most out of it. And that is what the government is trying to do with the help of this scheme.


Performance of the Soil Health Card Scheme

1. As per the data of July 2015, government has covered 34 lakh farmers under the scheme.

2. Since it is an important step for the farmers, this scheme has the potential to revolutionize the world of farmers.

3. The state of Andhra Pradesh has issued most number of soil cards to its farmers.

4. And the states of Punjab and Tamil Nadu are way forward in collecting the soil samples.

5. Government wants that by the year 2017, all the farmers in the country should have soil cards. They are providing funds to the states to issue soil cards to their respective farmers. When the scheme was launched, a sum of Rs. 27 crore was set aside for the scheme. And now, Rs. 100 crore are allocated to the states to act upon the scheme effectively.