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PRASAD (Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spiritual Augmentation Drive)-2015

Launched: 09 March 2015

Main Objective: Develop world class tourism infrastructure in Amritsar, Ajmer, Amaravati, Dwaraka, Gaya, Kanchipuram, Kedarnath, Kamakhya, Mathura, Puri, Varanasi and Vellankani.

PRASAD scheme aims to create spiritual centers for tourism development within the nation. As part of mission strategy, religious destinations that have potential to be show-cased as world-class tourism products are identified and infrastructure is developed on a priority basis.


About Complete Scheme

                   Religion and spirituality has a large following in India and each year, millions of people from India and overseas visit sites of religious and spiritual significance.

             To further develop these popular sites, the Government of India announced plans to launch the National Mission on Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spiritual Augmentation Drive–PRASAD, with an initial allocation of Rs 100 crore, in the 2014-15 Budget.


The Objective

            PRASAD scheme aims to promote pilgrimage centres by adopting a holistic approach to infrastructure development through the entire stakeholder chain.


The Approach

           1. Government plans to encourage development of budget hotels/hotel chains that offer clean and comfortable experience to the pilgrim at an affordable cost.

           2.Establish travel access points for international and domestic tourists to arrive through air, rail and road.

           3. Improve local sanitation and sewerage systems along with making clean drinking water available to all.

           4. Develop last-mile connectivity by encouraging local participation in getting involved in providing low-cost, clean and affordable local transport.

           5. Train local youth with the aim of creating more employment opportunities in all services related support infrastructure.

           6. Promote local arts and crafts; encourage presentation of local culture of dance, music and costume through performances; promote local cuisines through training; and encourage more retail points to serve tourists.​


The Benefit

            Local infrastructure development through affordable housing, hotels and guest houses; road and walkways; improved and affordable catering options; more retail points; better local transport options; improved connectivity with other regions; higher employment opportunities along the support chain; and preservation of local culture and tradition.