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Sagarmala Project-2015

Launched: ‎31 July 2015

Main Objective: To transform the existing ports into modern world class ports.

The prime objective of the Sagarmala project is to promote port-led direct and indirect development and to provide infrastructure to transport goods to and from ports quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

The Sagarmala Project, aimed at port-led development in coastal areas, is bound to boost the country’s economy and the government has lined up about Rs 70,000 crore for its 12 major ports only



Concept & Objectives

Vision of the Sagarmala Programme (Figure) is to reduce logistics cost for EXIM and domestic trade with minimal infrastructure investment. This includes:

1. Reducing cost of transporting domestic cargo through optimizing modal mix
2. Lowering logistics cost of bulk commodities by locating future industrial capacities near the coast
3. Improving export competitiveness by developing port proximate discrete manufacturing clusters

4. Optimizing time/cost of EXIM container movement


Components of Sagarmala 

1. Port Modernization & New Port Development: De-bottlenecking and capacity expansion of existing ports and development of new greenfield ports
2. Port Connectivity Enhancement: Enhancing the connectivity of the ports to the hinterland, optimizing cost and time of cargo movement through multi-modal logistics solutions including domestic waterways (inland water transport and coastal shipping)
3. Port-linked Industrialization: Developing port-proximate industrial clusters and Coastal Economic Zones to reduce logistics cost and time of EXIM and domestic cargo
4. Coastal Community Development: Promoting sustainable development of coastal communities through skill development & livelihood generation activities, fisheries development, coastal tourism etc.