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Vikalp Scheme-2015

Launched: ‎01 November 2015

Main Objective: For confirmed accommodation in next alternative train for the waitlisted passengers.

Vikalp scheme is available only for the tickets booked through internet for six months and option will be limited to mail and express trains running on Delhi-Lucknow and Delhi-Jammu sectors.



              We have developed a comprehensive A&E (assessment and evaluation) mechanism which is administered by VANES (Vikalp Assessment & Evaluation System). The Vikalp Assessment mechanism has parameters and associated rubric to assess modeled on CCE pattern suggested by NCERT and CBSE.

The mechanism assesses continuously,

             1. Activities   : To gauge learners understanding, dexterity and understanding of the concept while using Vikalp manipulative and concrete materials.

             2. Application : Application of the learnt concept on pen and paper (From Concrete to abstract)

The Mechanism is administered through VANES (a combination of Human Interventions through structured process and ICT Internet & Communication Technology) a comprehensive math assessment and reporting system accessible to all stakeholders.



          1. Suggest remedies and corrective actions related to every concept, skill and activity, to all stakeholders (student, parent and teacher) basis period, stage and understanding

          2. Predict learning and understanding behavior of the learner for the next stage and create insights for learning facilitation

          3. Derive benchmarking report of the group and associated facilitator.

          4. Create Learning strategies and Teaching Methodology