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Setu Bharatam Project-2016

Launched: ‎ 03 March 2016

Main Objective: To free all national highways from railway level crossings and renovate the old bridges on national highways by 2019.

Setu Bharatam is an ambitious programme with an investment of Rs. 50,000 crore to build bridges for safe and seamless travel on National Highways.

208 new “road over bridges / road under bridges” are envisaged for construction, while 1500 bridges will be widened, rehabilitated or replaced.




1. The main objective of The Setu Bharatam Project, launched on 4 March 2016 by Narendra Modi, is to make all the national highways in India free from railway crossings by the year 2019 and has been working for the same since the launch.

2. Bridges are supposed to be constructed all across India so that vehicles plying on the national highways do not get stopped because of railway tracks.

3. Around two hundred eight new bridges (under and over railway tracks) will be built and this construction will make the use of Rs 100 crore of the budget set by the government.

4. The government is focusing in a big way on developing roads in the rural hinterlands of India.

5. Already in the 2016–17 union budgets, INR 19,000 crore has been allocated for the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY). Nitin Gadkari who is the Union Road Transport and Highways Minister stated that work for building the bridges has already started.

6. The government has received project reports — in detail — for 73 bridges.

7. It was also expected that 64 other bridges will receive the green signal of the government by the end of 2016 .

8. It is expected that the aggregate cost of construction at this stage would be in the region of INR 5600 crore.

9. Bridges in India are being graded — a significant step indeed. For this, space technology is being used along with information such as age, distance end to end, longitude, material , design and latitude.

10. Railways cannot function on such grounds — it needed concrete development by focusing on the way of building rail gauges and lines.

11. Administration has brought a fresh look in the railway sector and changed the ways in which the sector could be developed even further.

India needs major developments in the railway sector in the same way as mentioned in these objectives. If the plan goes as per these steps, we’llget to see a developed railway industry soon.