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Solar Plant Subsidy Scheme for Powerloom Sector- Scheme

Solar Energy Scheme – Solar Plant Subsidy Scheme for Powerloom Sector

The government of India is emphasizing on the power-loom sector and planning to launch a solar scheme which would benefit the loom weavers.

The government has devised a scheme named as “Solar Energy Scheme” to provide financial assistance and capital subsidy to loom weavers for implanting the solar energy plant to increase their production.


Solar Energy Scheme – Subsidy on Solar Plants

Under the Solar Energy Scheme, financial assistance and capital subsidy will be provided to the applicant to the extent of 50 percent, 75 percent and 90 percent of the basic cost of the solar energy plant.

The scheme is mainly formulated to promote the power-loom by utilizing solar energy. The scheme will drop-out the problem of lighting in the area and the planter of solar energy plant will be able to utilize the solar energy plants to grow their textile business by increasing production

The scheme will definitely help in the development of the power-loom sector. The scheme will be active from 1 April, 2017 to benefits the loom weavers.