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1.Name: Mullai Muhilan.MP.

Date: 7-4-2011                                             

Board: Dr. Purushotham Aggarwal

Chairman : ok. CSE 1st class with distinction. Then why didn’t u take science option. Why Pol.Sci and Sociology.

Me: Sir I wanted to learn these subjects for a long time

Chairman: so u think u ’ve learnt polsci in 7 months.

Me: No sir. . I ‘ve started learning .But I love these subjects. I even think I shud ve done  my UG in these.

Chairman: What is the difference b/w politics as mentioned in newspapers and political science.

he told he was fine with part of my answer and asked me to try on the next part. When I gave it in precise form he was fine with it

Chairman: Ok. U read books. What is the recent one u ve read.

Me: Sir, “Politics of Justice” by Dr. pratab banu Mehta sir.

Chairman: What is he saying in the book.

Me:  I kept talking a lot deviating widely. I realized myself that I am making no sense. I told that sorry sir I am loosing focus>

Chairman: u first calm down. Just tell me , if u ve read it, what the book says.

Me: I spoke abt access to rights as privilege, power sharing understood as justice and thereby masquerading real inequality. From this the interview went into discussion on whatever I was saying. Abt ambedkar( I had mentioned his name), comparision of his notion of justice and current politicians’,abt oppressed class vs caste etc

Then abt sovereignty and suzerainty ;

Member 1: We have RTI, RTE…Do we have Right to die?

Me: Sir, Yes sir.(OOPS blunder)…Its in euthanasia case….I started sating something abt healthcare access being costly thereby euthanasia already happening

Chairman: See, The question is specific. Answer to that.

Me: Sir, The SC in  its judgement itself told that our society lacks in values and someone may kill aome for sake of property and claim it to be euthanasia.

Member 1: Ok. Can the govt enforce tobacco ban effectively. How?

Me: I told usual stuff like awareness, bla bla….

Chairman: See, We have all these. Pictures on products all that. It isn’t working right.

Me: yes sir.  saw the member and the chairman The govt when it makes revenue out of sales of tobacco it has no moral grounding when it preaches not to smoke. I make money out of something and tell u not to have it. I don’t think u wud listen to it sir.

Chairman:was nodding.

Member 1:  how will u solve lifestyle diseases.

Me: Sir, Globalisation leading to homogenous lifestyle….. our physical features, climate not matching those…blab la….

Chairman: Look. U know what is life style diseases right?

Me: Yes sir.

Chairman: name some.

Me: Sir heart diseases, knee problems for women could be….

Chairman: Fine. So tell how to address.

Me: Sir, we should create awareness on what such life style could lead to. We can take cue from past, on logical lines, and see if we can…

Member and Chair started discussing  wat awareness…world cup match all r eating pizza….

Me: (Smiled) Sir, we r trying to campaign. That fellow is marketing his product. May be he wins in the competition. They smiled

Chair(Laughing) : U stop eating pizza while watching cricket.

Lady Member:  Abt japan, kalpakkam, shud we brush aside the technology, anna university’s satellite program, Descriptive writing on women?....wat do u write….

Member 2: Anna hazare….

Me: I would like to wit and watch if it is just an overflow of emotions or a sustainable movement with a momentum….with all due regards to mr. hazare , I think issue is complex…

Chair: why do u say it is complex…

Member : they r just asking for a part in drafting committee…ok what will u advice the pm if u were the cabinet sec….

Me: I wud strait away tell him that it was a democratic movement and ask him to respect the spirit of it….

Chair: then why did u say it is complex…

Me: Sir, I was just concerned ….civil society is nascent in our country…if they want a part in drafting laws, then we’ll ve to define wat civil sty is…then regulation will step in…Am just concerned if the civil sty is strong enough to withstand that or is it just budding….

Member : ok…who gave separation of powers….

Me: sir I think it started with locke….

Chair: see…sep of powers is abt three bodies of state and power sharing between them…right? Yes, sir…defly who propounded it?

Me: trying hard…

Member: its Montesquieu….

Me: Sir, yes sir…I shud ve never forgot that….

Member: no prob…tell me where he is from

Me: Sir I think he is from france…

Member: yes..

Member 3: CSE with distinction…two years in IT….why CS now?

Me: prepared answer

Member 3: ok…u were talking abt inequality and justice…u ve IR as option….Do u think international trade is equal…. he didn’t let me answer…he kept asking something without minding to get a reply…

Me I waited then told abt anarchic nature of Inter politics and yes still mightier have more say

Member: OK …is thr any talk going to solve this somehow…

Me: yes sir there r talks going on to set up a multilateral trade regime…

Member: Does WTO exist then?

Me: It is forming up slowly sir….

Member: Fine…Who gave acceptable definition of sovereignty… it went to some discussion again into sovty ….i didn’t have answer for the above question.…but it somehow went into a discussion…People being sovereign in a democracy all that….  I was a bit of confused with wat he was trying to ask

Member: In practical terms where in our constn is sovty to ppl granted…

But by now the chairman started kind of asking the member to finish with it..

Me: Sir in theory it’s the preamble…in practice may be FR helps establish…

Member: But do u think it is there in practice…

 the chairman was again trying to say something…kind of distracted me

Me: sir, I do agree it is not thr in practice…Ppl are not aware that they r sovereign…so no enjoyment of sovty in practice…

Chairman: Ok…Thank you…

Me: Sir ?!!  I didn’t understand that he is saying that it is over

Chairman: Thank you…u can leave now…

Me: Oh!....Thank You sir,  Thanked all, smiled and left

It went for 35 minutes.....