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Previous Year Interview Questions Set 3


NAME: B.SRINIVASAN  Information  technology.

Optionals: Geography, Tamil literature.

Hobbies: Playing with babies and Interacting with  friends.

Board: K.K.Paul

Chiarman: Tell me Name, Roll no, Date of Birth.

Me: I told.

Chariman: You are a IT student. What are the main subjects you studied in IT.

Me: Sir, Computer languages C, C++, Java and multimedia. This are the main subjects of the IT.

Chairman: Ok, Tell me what is the difference between Microprocesser and Micro controller.

Me:  I don’t know sir.

Chairman: Now only you complete the degree. Then you did not answer.

Me: yes sir. But this time I didnot recollect the answer sir.

Chairman: china construct the dam in bramaputra river. This is affect India?

­­­­­­­­­­­Me: Yes sir. Because  North and north east Indian people depend the bramaputra river for irrigation and drinking water and navigation. So this affect india .

Chairman:  your hobbies are playing with babies. So your friends are bad opinion about you.

Me. No,sir. This si my hobby. Whenever i am free  I play with babies.

1st Member: your optional are Tamil literature. So which modern poets you like most.

Me: Sir, My favourite poet is mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathiyar. 

1st: what are the major works done by the bharathi.

Me: Sir, Panchali sabatham, Kuyil pattu, and Kannan pattu.

1st: In 21st century which poet you like most.

Me: sir, I like jeyakanthan.

1st: Is he a poet or story teller?

Me: Sir, he is a story teller.

1st: he focused most on which area?

Me: He focused mostly on social crimes and problems and people face what problems  and how it solve it.

2nd Member:   

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