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         Name: Harikumar.M

Board: Nirbhai Sharma

Date: 29.04.2011


1. What is your name and Date of Birth..?

2. What are you doing after you complete your graduation in 2006?

3. From where you have prepared?

4. What your institute teaches to you?

5. How many people preparing from Chennai?

6. Result trend in Tamil Nadu?

7. There is a continues problem between India and Pakistan but India’s Energy demand is increasing, because of that India want to establish a pipe line to connect India with Central Asian countries through Pakistan. Is it feasible…?

8. What is the alternative solution you suggest?

Lady member:

1. Trade relation between India and USA, what are all the areas they are focusing?

 2. A small story: One man walking very happily in the morning and saint while cross him asked what is the reason for his happy, he replied sky is blue, grass is green and birds are chirping, after an hour both crossed each other again in opposite but now that man not happy, saint asked him you were happy before an hour and you told sky is blue, grass is green and birds are chirping and what happen now…? Man replied now I am going to Office!!!

This is the condition of most of the government office in India, what will you do to create more involvement?


1. What is the earlier name of UPSC?

2. What is the constitutional provision for UPSC?

3. Why farmers are not being treated as a professionals?

4. Major crops being produced in your state?

5. What you are producing in your farm field, is it profitable?


1. Your sate contributes for intellectual to the Nation but why they are not coming to politics?

2. Why more cinema stars coming to politics in your state?

3. You know C. Rajagopalachari, what was the last post in government held by the C. Rajagopalachari?

4. What about the last Governal general of India?

5. Think you are a District Magistrate in a district, there is a huge delegation by the cinema star, what action will you take?

6. You are from Kancheepuram district, have you visited Sri Sankarachari math?

7. As you have studied in Sri Ramakrishna school, what is the two Ramakrishna’s thought taught to you in your school?


1. You have done BBA, can you tell the difference between the Corporate and the civil service?

2. Did USA engage in second war first? What is the reason for joining later?

3. How Second World War end? What is the pact between USA and Japan?  


1. What is Red Corridor?

2. How Naxal movement started and why?

3. What is your solution for Naxal problem?

4. Is there any border problem between India and China?

5. Why China claiming Arunachal Pradesh?

6. There are lot of insurgencies in all North Eastern states except in Mizoram.. What is the reason for it?

7. What is your first preference?

8. Think, you have appointed as a SP in a district, you are going to work under District Magistrate he is junior to you, will you work under him?

9. If he interfere in your day to day activities, what will you do?

10. What is the difference between commissionarate system and district SP?