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Previous year Interview Questions Set 5

         NAME: SARANYA.U




·            What’s your name & it’s meaning?

·            Do u know Sanskrit?

·            How u relate fundamental laws of physics with day to day admn? & give some eg’s

·            In what ways u help ur mother in household activities? What u learn from it?

·            India is neither a soft state nor a hard state. But it is a flexible one. Give your opinion.


·            Plantation crops comes under which ministry? Agricultural ministry or other?

·            Whether sugarcane is ecologically degradable or non-degradable?


·            Tell me something about Erode?

·            What do u know about Cauvery water dispute?

·            Why there is fight between tamilians and kannadians?

·            What’s ur opinion about this issue?

·            Why you have chosen ur college in Chennai rather than in ur home town?


·            Whether we can find soln by means of dialogue between farmers of both state?

·            What is PRI?

·            Significance of 73 rd amendement act.

·            Is there any progress in women development due to reservation in PRI?

·            Whether we need reservation for women in parliament?


·            What is black hole?

·            Do u know about black hole tragedy?

·            Do u follow current affairs?(yes)

·            What do u know about noida sisters? Why it happened?

·            Who is Arunima sinha?

·            What are the acts available 4 women’ protection?

·            Ur opinion on misuse of dowry act?

·            Are women secure in this country?

·            Last question chairman: you r in deep love with a guy. But ur parents were deadly          opposing due to caste, community etc…

·         Reply: I convince my parents. But chairman have told that they were not convinced for 10         or 15 or 20 yrs. Then what’s ur stand? I’ll remain single.

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