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Name : P.senthilkumar

Board: Purushottam aggarwal


1.In TN with the help of reservation people from SC,ST an OBC get entering into administration. Don’t you think it will lead ineffectiveness in Adm.

2.Tell me about 1857 revolt. Why it was not effective inTN?

3.list out four freedom fighter from north india and you should not tell Nehru.

Lady member

4.since you are from Cauvery delta and your hobby is assisting father in agri, why did not you take agri instead of chemistry in your graduation?

5. in what way you assist your father in agri?

6.what is vermin compost? Did you prepare in your field?


7.In the contest of unstable coalition government formation, some advocate for presidency form of gov replacing parliamentary form of gov. What is your view?

8.Increase in regionalism is undermining the smooth functioning of coalition gov.

9.But , do you know small groups engaging in lobby for their selfish interest?

10.Other than corruption, what are the electoral reforms Anna Hazare insisting on?

11.What is negative voting?

12.what are the suggestions that you can suggest in enacting law relate to debarring criminals from contest in election?


13.What is sericulture?

14.What is pisciculture?


15.If you are appointed as DM, which thing is most essential, whether power, status , money o? what else?

16.Thiruvarur is famous for what?

17.Who is the highest record holder in india in high jump?

18.Which country won the gold in last asian games and against whom?