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Name:             Dineshkumar            

D.O.I   :           25.04.2011

TOI   :            06.00 to 6.25

Board :           I.M.G Khan


Member - 1


1. What you learn from work experience (I worked in railway, Secretariat, Sub Registrar and DRCS)         

  Ans : Sir, I learned to service in any Harish situation In the  post  of goods  guard, Railway. In secretariat  I learn the people problem  & how to solve the problem. And as sub register I resolved to tackle corruption in my office

2. How do you control the mob in violent situation as an IPS officer?

Ans : Sir, firstly, I enquire the    cause for the situation , simultaneously . I try to talk with mob leaders.

3. Chairman interrupted- if the situation  not to conducive for talk?

Ans : Sir, I mobilize the force to prevent by using barricade then lath change and shot at sky – then shot below knee

                                                                            MEMBER – 2

4. Do you agree to ban the programmer in TV valuates to taboo rituals & Supporting social evils?  if yes why?

Ans : Yes, sir because, the programme will affects the people minds & it support to spread the same. So I support for the ban of such programme.

5. Who then the ban affects the freedom of media?

Ans:  Sir, media should behave rightfully media has to response for common welfare. If not so we have to ban such programme.

6. As DRCS, did you punish your subordinate?

Ans : Since I am in training  there is no situation arise.

7. Tell me which act  go urn the cooperative societies in tamilnadu T.N cooperative societies Act, 1983

8. Tell me type of societies?

  (I Said)

                                                                           Member – III & IV

9. How is the housing societies working?

Ans : I tried to answer but not  satisfactory

10. Why the people evade stamp duly by giving low value in document? How U prevent it?

Ans :   By using section 47(1) Sub Registrar  refer the document to deputy collector (Stamp). He will fix the value for document (I was working as SR)

(He might expect some other answer so he repeat the question  - I try to explain?)

11. Do you think the movement of Anna Hazer against corruption will succeed?

Yes sir Even  if not succed. We have to try other avenue also sir

12. What are the crops growing in your district?

(I Said)

13. How the crops used to generate electricity?

Sir, sugarcane  bagg asse used in electricity co – generation . ethanol mixed petrol used as bio – fuel.

14. Which country   master  in bio fuel

Sir It’s Brazil

15.  Tell me a kural from Thirukural?

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16. Chairman – interrupted to example the mean?

After explanation chairman said you can go home mr. Dineshkumar

I said thanking you sirs