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Name: Karthick. E

I was interviewed by Rajni Razdan madam board. Here are the questions. 

My interview with this board went for just 15 mins. But, it was fun. Apart from the usual question from the chairman regd. DOB, Roll No, Name and the likes she did not ask anything else which was bit surprising 

Qs asked:

M1 - what is system engg. 

what is turbo charged engine, 

where have you traveled, give me instance of a place you visited for pleasure, 

why is harley davidson so famous and what bike do you have ( am a mech engg. work exp required lot of travel , my hobbies included travel and bike touring) and 

what is crop combination ( geog optional)

M2 - what do you think about delhi corp being divided into 5 ( news)

M3 - tamil nadu politics - comment. who do you think will win the election, is corruption going to be a deciding factor in the election

one situational Question - you are IAS going to receive CM but on way you see a person who is struggling for life having met with accident. what will you do. 

whats your service choice in order and why that way ( mine was a conventional order only - IAS, IFS, IPS )

M4 - another hypothetical Question - you r an ias officer, local politician is troubling will you handle him?

Overall it went well. contrary to common belief there were only few factual Qs and the board members were cordial. The chairman lady was also fine.


Further, through this mail I would like to thank you for arranging the mock interview with Balaguruswamy Sir. Though it was the only mock interview attended by me at your institute, it gave me enough confidence