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       Chairman of the Board: Mrs.Shashi uban tripathi

Date of interview : 23-04-2011

Session : Afternoon

Name : G.Sreedhar



1)What kind of hobby(bike riding) is yours?

Ans: Mam, I usually travel with my friends during the weekend… I predominantly take up the ECR in Chennai.

2)What is ur opinion on illegal race and rash driving by youngsters in the metros in nights?

Ans: Mam,  Its very risky and also put the others on risk. Such people should be immediately detained and their licenses should also be detained.

Member 1:

1)According to u whom do u think as the most eventful railway minister in the near past(he indirectly asked me to compare Lalu Prasad and Mamata Banerjee)

Ans: Sir, I feel lalu prasad was more eventful in nature mainly because of his vocal nature and some of his people friendly initiatives like janatameals etc…

2)Who is better in terms of profitability to railways?

Ans: Sir , I think both of them have did a good amount of work but I am not exactly aware of the figures of profitability

3)Who was the railway minister of India immediately after independence?

Ans: Sorry sir, I couldn’t recollect

4)How many railway zones are there in India and what are they?

Ans: Sir , there are 16 railway zones and recently I think konkan railway was also included as a zone( after that I listed the railway zones…I said 9 railway zones with their headquarters after that he stopped me)

5)What is biodiversity and how will u preserve it?

Ans: Sir, biodiversity is the existence of diverse species of plant and animal life in a particular region. To preserve them various initiatives like biosphere reserves,national parks,projects like project tiger etc should be followed.


Member 2:

1)What are the steps u will follow if u have been appointed as the chairperson of the CWG committee to conduct the games?

Ans: Sir, Ill first design a framework of the event to be conducted, then ill allocate resources, then ill communicate the schedule to the important persons,then ill decide upon the security needed for the games to be conducted safely and then ill finally implement the entire plan

2)What is liberation point in space science?

Ans: Sorry sir, I don’t know

Member 3:

1)                  What will be the nature of a drug addict?

Ans: Sir, such a person will be totally dependent on others both physically and mentally…he becomes a unpredictable person and his activities are out of his control and his entire life is in ruins

2)                  At the administration level, what can u do to prevent drug trafficking?

Ans: Sir, conducting regular campaigns on the ill effects of drugs .. including the ill effects of drug and the knowledge of drug trafficking at the school curriculum to educate the children…regular monitoring of school and college campuses to prevent drug trafficking

Member 4:

1)                  What is the perception of people on police?

Ans: Sir , people generally think policemen are very corrupt and also they have a aversion towards police….for example even if a constable comes to a home for passport verification…immediately their neighbours comes and ask whats the problem….

2)                  If u become a police officer what will u do to remove such perception of the people

Ans: Sir, first ill regulate the people under my control and encourage them not to be corrupt…like ill provide them good feedbacks on their work and also will provide good feedbacks about them to the higher officials in order to promote them soon….ill conduct regular psychological sessions with them and will explain them the ill effects of corruption