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General Instructions for UPSC Preliminary as well as Main Examination

(i) Candidates must write the papers in their own hand. In no circumstances will they be allowed the help of a scribe to write the answers for them. However, blind candidates and candidates with Locomotor Disability and Cerebral Palsy where dominant (writing) extremity is affected to the extent of slowing the performance of function (minimum of 40% impairment) will be allowed to write the examination with the help of a scribe in both the Civil Services (Preliminary) as well as in the Civil Services (Main) Examination.

(ii) Compensatory time of twenty minutes per hour shall be permitted for the Blind candidates and the candidates with locomotor disability and cerebral palsy where dominant (writing) extremity is affected to the extent of slowing the performance of function (minimum of 40% impairment) in both the Civil Services (Preliminary) as well as in the Civil Services (Main) Examination.

Note (1) : The eligibility conditions of a scribe, his/ her conduct inside the examination hall and the manner in which and extent to which he/she can help the blind candidate in writing the Civil Services Examination shall be governed by the instructions issued by the UPSC in this regard. Violation of all or any of the said instructions shall entail the cancellation of the candidature of the blind candidate in addition to any other action that the UPSC may take against the scribe.

Note (2) : For purpose of these rules the candidate shall be deemed to be a blind candidate if the percentage of visual impairment is Forty per cent (40%) or more. The criteria for determining the percentage of visual impairment shall be as follows :—


        All with corrections                                      Percentage

         Better eye                                                     Worse eye

1                                              2                                              3                                              4

Category O                           6/9—6/18                             6/24 to 6/36                          20%

Category I                          6/18—6/36                           6/60 to nil                              40%       

Category II                          6/60—4/60                           3/60 to nil                              75%

or field of vision


Category III                        3/60—1/60                          F.C. at 1 ft                             100%

or field of to

nil vision 10°

Category IV                        F.C. at 1 ft to                        F.C. at 1 ft to                       100%    

Nil field of 100°   nil field of

vision 100°

One eyed                                   6/6                                  F.C. at 1 ft to nil                     30%



Note (3) : For availing of the concession admissible to a blind candidate, the candidate concerned shall produce a certificate in the prescribed proforma from a Medical Board constituted by the Central/State Governments along with their application for the Main Examination.

Note (4) : The concession admissible to blind candidates shall not be admissible to those suffering from Myopia. (ii) The Commission have discretion to fix qualifying marks in any or all the subjects of the examination.

(iii) If a candidate’s handwriting is not easily legible, a deduction will be made on this account from the total marks otherwise accruing to him.

(iv) Marks will not be allotted for mere superficial knowledge.

(v) Credit will be given for orderly, effective and exact expression combined with due economy of words in all subjects of the examination.

(vi) In the question papers, wherever required, SI units will be used.

(vii) Candidates should use only International form of Indian numerals (i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc.) while answering question papers.

(viii) Candidates will be allowed the use of Scientific (Non-Programmable type) Calculators at the conventional (Essay) type examination of UPSC. Programmable type calculators will however not be allowed and the use of such calculators shall tantamount to resorting to unfair means by the candidates. Loaning or interchanging of calculators in the Examination Hall is not permitted.

 It is also important to note that candidates are not permitted to use calculators for answering objective type papers (Test Booklets). They should not therefore bring the same inside the Examination Hall.