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           The ultimate stage in the journey of becoming a civil servant is interview. It is a process to assess both the knowledge and the personality of a candidate. The calibre of the candidate is being judged by his/her way of responding to a question, decision making and presence of mind. Hence, the task of the Board members is not to elicit only knowledge based information but to approach the personal information furnished in Detailed Application Form (DAF).

         Usually the questions focus on the name, date of birth, graduation, hobbies, profession, native of the candidates, current hot issues and optional etc.

         The Best Mantra to spruce your skill of answering is to horn your skill of questioning. The candidate must generate atleast 200 anticipated questions from personal details furnished in his/her own Detailed Application Form. When he/she frames questions, the answer will spontaneously follow the questions. In this way, the candidate can practice the questions in advance.

          Here, some of the interview questions asked in the previous year UPSC interviews are given below

                       Upsc Coaching Center In Coimbatore

          Civil Service Examination (IAS, IPS, IFS) is a profoundly competitive examination conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). It is the backbone of our country for recruiting qualified and competent administrators in order to occupy various services under the union government.

---> UPSC conducts this examination on three phases once in a year.
--->  Preliminary Examination is usually held on May end or June first as a screening test.
--->  Main Examination is usually held on October last or November first assessing the  analytical and administrative  capacity of the candidates.
--->  Interview Examination is held on March or April and the month of May or June is to announce the  final results.
---> Unique IAS Academy is a coaching centre in Coimbatore providing Unique and intensive coaching to the aspirants  to achieve their goals.

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        1. Foreign policy of India – V.N.Kanna

        2. A brief history of Modern India Spectrum

        3. General Knowledge 2017 Arihant

        4. Indias struggle for Independence Bipin Chandra

        5. Certificate, physical and human geography – Gohcheng Leong

        6. Indian Economy – sankarganesh karuppiah

        7. Social issues & Institutions – wizard

        8. Indian polity – Lakshmikanth

        9. Indian Art & Culture – Nithin Singhania

        10.Environment – Shankar IAS Academy

        11. Orient School Atlas


2018 Mains General Studies, Optional Subject Classes will be started from July 10

UPSC 2019/20 Prelims cum Mains  Batch will be started from August 1


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